​​​​​Our Work room offers utilities, high speed WiFi, access to printer/scanner, privacy for phone calls or conferences as well as access to childcare and children's activities and of course unlimited coffee!


Memberships for workroom offer:

  • utilities
  • high speed WiFi
  • unlimited coffee 
  • refreshment
  • access to printer and scanner 
  • access to private room for phone call 
  • access to childcare and children's activities.

Complimentary pizza for kids this month!



 The Work Room is a cozy well equipped office space. Think of a library setting, characteristics are quiet and organized. This membership is perfect when you get a sudden urge to get out of the house and be in a public but quiet setting. Feel free to catch up on emails and enjoy coffee alongside other busy like-minded moms for up to 3 hours a day.


  • Tuesday - Friday (Weekend availability may vary)
  • Add on drop off care
    • $10 first child ($12 sibling)

                       Member rate - $240 per month (up to 48 hrs) 

Monthly Memberships

The Work Room is a separate room right across the hall from our 3,000 sq ft indoor play center. ​Especially designed for the parents working from home, the small business owners, the freelancers and the entrepreneurs who strive to balance their business goals with their children's schedules. 

Working parents will now have the opportunity to block off time to get work done, while their little ones are under our professional supervised care, giving parents peace of mind knowing their kids are just down the hall in a safe and nurturing environment!


​​This membership offers private use of the workroom for those looking to take phone calls and video calls. Perfect amount of space for a cozy meeting or use as a conference room.


  • Tuesday - Sunday(up to 3 hours a day)

  •  Monday(when center is opened)

  • Add on drop off care

    • $10 first child ($12 sibling)

​Member rate - $300 per month

(up to 48 hours)

​​​​WALK IN 

No membership needed. When there's availability and you need a quiet place to work, check out our Work Room. 

Co-Work $20/hr or Private $30/hr

  • This option includes drop off for one child (2 years old-10 years). ​
    •  $12/hr​​​ sibling

 March Promotion!​


When you claim this Deal you can use the Work Room for 15 hours plus a bonus hour!

Be sure to reserve yourchild's drop off.

  • use up to 3 hours a day!
  • add on sibling ($12 per hour)

For only $270 use the Work Room for a total of 16 hours!

​Offer ends at the end of the month

​(Valid until the 16 hours are complete)