We strive to provide a beautiful, fun and safe environment for every child that comes to Once Upon A Dream. Please review the following policies before entering.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy your time with us!

  • Supervision: All children must be supervised by a parent or caregiver at all times​.
  • Admittance: All adults over 18 entering Once Upon A Dream must sign in and acknowledge the admission waiver at the front desk. We strongly encourage adults to play and interact with their children. As capacity is limited, we do not offer admittance to people who do not plan on playing and moving with their child, and we want to keep the adult to child ratio low for children to enjoy their play time. Each paid admission offers 2.5 hours of open play.
  • Safety: Children are your responsibility and must follow the play space rules which are posted throughout the play areas. The Dream team will be walking around regularly to make sure toys are in designated rooms and children are engaging in safe play. We reserve the right to ask guests who are engaging in unsafe behavior to leave. Visitors enter and play at their own risk. 

  • Well Play center: We are a "well" play center. No sick adults or children.  

  • No Shoes: Children and adults are not permitted to wear shoes in play areas. Place shoes in designated area. Socks must be worn by both adults and children. We will provide socks for $1 if you forget. 
  • Strollers: Strollers are not permitted in play areas.
    Keep strollers clear of aisles and doorways. Car seat should be removed from stroller and stroller folded and placed in hallway or taken to the car.
    Large Strollers or Non-Collapsible Strollers or heavy strollers weighing more than 20lbs are not permitted. We will gladly watch your children while you put the larger strollers in your cars.

  • Food and Beverages: No outside foodFood and drink purchased from our cafe may be consumed only while seated in the Café and party areas; the use of glass containers of any kind are prohibited.
  • Party room: This room is not a play room. Guests are welcome into this room only during scheduled instructor led events and reserved parties.

  • Bathroom and diapers: Children must be accompanied to the bathrooms. Please change diapers in the bathroom and dispose of diapers in the provided diaper genie only.

  • Cafe Area: Cafe area is for food and drink consumption only. Laptops are not permitted.​​​

  • Personal Property: We are not responsible for the safety or theft of any individual's personal property.