We are happy to be back and serving our community!

We are open for Child Care  and Work Room  (office space for parents) by appointment only as space is limited.

Open Play and private birthday parties are now open by reservation only with limited capacity.

 We would like to share our insights on how we are implementing new enhanced guidelines, to keep you, your family and our staff safe during this new normal.

 Our services will look a little different, but one thing that will always remain is the comfort of our center. 

As guidelines shift, we will continue to evolve these guidelines in accordance to government guidelines.

Coronavirus Update

Daily Temperature and Health Checks:

  • There is a partition at the front desk. All staff and anyone entering the center will have their temperatures checked and will need to answer screening questions required for admittance. Persons who have a fever of 100.40 (38.00C) or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted. We encourage parents to be on the alert for signs of illness in their children and to keep them home when they are sick.

Face Coverings:

  • We require cloth face coverings for adults and for children 3 years and up.

Physical Distancing (Child Care):

  • Under our care children will be placed into appropriate age groups and our program has been altered to increase distance between children.

Hand Washing:

  • For CHILD CARE staff will assist children to wash hands before they enter/leave, before eating and after bathroom use. Hand sanitizer is located at parent sign-in and throughout the center. For OPEN PLAY hand sanitizer or washing of hands is required prior to entering the play areas.

​Activities (Child Care): 

  • For child care our program will have a greater focus on small group activities and rooms have been physically rearranged to promote individual play. We will strive to keep groups of children together with consistent staff. 

 Pick-up/ drop-off (Child Care):

  • Depending on attendance, we may ask to stagger arrival and drop off times and/or have staff meet outside the facility to pick up the children as they arrive. We may plan for curb side drop off and pick up while adhering to social distancing recommendation. Ideally, the same parent or designated person should drop off and pick up the child every day. If possible, older people such as grandparents or those with serious underlying medical conditions should not pick up children, because they are more at risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 

Meals (Child Care):

  • We will plate each child’s meal to serve it so that multiple children are not using the same serving utensils. Staff will ensure children wash hands prior to and immediately after eating. Staff will wash their hands before preparing food and after helping children to eat.  Tables are arranged to ensure that there is at least six feet of space between groups, and tables are cleaned and disinfected between meals.

Enhanced Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting: 

  • Our team has been trained to routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, objects and toys.

New Procedures